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Current Programs and Testimonials

Archaeological Excavation

The 2018 Season at

Jisr ez-Zarqa

"The thing I like most

is digging with

D. and R. It was really hard, but we did a great job.

(no pain, no gain!) Today was also our last day, but the best day ever- I just wish it could go on a little longer!"



The 2014-17 Seasons

at Tel Akko

"Today was all about restoration, and I

learned how to restore

a wall. Working was

nice because we all worked, talked and laughed together.

I really enjoy the interaction with

people :)"

"… I was able to break down some previous prejudices I had

of Israelis, especially

after becoming friends with E., one of the Israeli participants.”

Our Programs Work

Our community-based approach to creating common ground Israel/Palestine is working -- but don't take our word for it. Click on the sections above to hear from our students, learn more about our programs, and understand how SHARE measures success.

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