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Updates from the Field

2016 Field Season

The Common Ground Initiative seeks to promote dialogue, participation and understanding between the Arab and Jewish residents of Akko, Israel. Akko, a UNESCO World Heritage site, lends itself naturally to such a project...

2015 Field Season

SHARE’s programs

have grown considerably over the past several years,

and the 2015 season of the

Common Ground Initiative

proved to be our most

successful by far...

SHARE Interview

Dr. Dana DePietro, Executive Director of SHARE, speaks about how a group of supporters and students of SHARE has been attempting to use archaeology to

de-escalate the conflict one potsherd at a time...

Feature Story on SHARE Field Season

"Re-evaluating conflict

through archaeology,

amid uncertain peace"

by Delphine Rodrik

at Daily News


New York Times

"In Israel, Treasures for


Willing to Dig"

by Sam Roberts

at New York Times

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Akko Times

SHARE's inaugural

2013 season

in Akko was featured

in Akko Times

on July 25th, 2013.

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