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*SHARE is non-partisan organization with non-profit status under United States Internal Revenue Code 26 U.S.C. 501(c)(3).

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SHARE is a not-for-profit organization* made up of students, professors, members of government, industry and everyday people who believe in the intrinsic value of archaeological research, its relevance to modern political discourse, and its potential as a transformative power in ethnic and territorial conflicts.

Founded in 2012, SHARE seeks to actively engage young people on all sides of a conflict by providing archaeological training in the field as well as an unbiased, neutral setting within which participants may engage with the past, the present and one another on their own terms.

We maintain that archaeology can provide a unique opportunity for meaningful dialogue, precisely because of the often contested position it occupies in the socio-political arena.  What is more, the highly physical, complicated and goal-oriented nature of archaeological fieldwork requires cooperation and teamwork on a daily basis, attributes that foster camaraderie and the creation of meaningful, lasting relationships.

To achieve these aims, SHARE’s fellowship programs

cover all costs (room, board, transportation and field training) for fellows over a six week period. Our programs provide structure and training while remaining explicitly non-partisan and participant-driven.

Through our current bi-communal work in Israel/Palestine and future projects planned in Cyprus and other parts of the world, we seek to provide participants with the tools and opportunity to collectively seek out common ground- both figuratively and literally.

Members of SHARE in the Field at Ashkelon

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